Sobre nós: Daniel Gutierrez

VP of Engineering & Facilities Management


  • Daniel received his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Mexico City's Instituto Politecnico Nacional
  • Afterward he worked in Mexico City as an Assistant Project Manager and as a Chief Engineer
  • He served as Regional Director of Engineering for Americana Hotels in renowned resort destinations such as Acapulco, Jamaica, and Lake Buena Vista
  • Daniel começou sua carreira com Rosen Hotels & Resorts ® em 1990 como o engenheiro-chefe no Rosen Plaza ® Hotel
  • In 2006, he was promoted to Vice President of Engineering & Facilities Management

No Rosen Hotels & Recorrer

  • Daniel serves as an integral part of the ongoing preventative maintenance of Rosen Hotels & Resorts®’ hotels and properties
  • He provides his expertise in capital and maintenance projects
  • He is also dedicated to energy savings construction and solutions
  • Daniel oversees all engineering projects at all Rosen Hotels & Resorts® properties
  • He was intensely involved in the construction of Rosen Shingle Creek®

Daniel Gutierrez

What Others Say:

"A pure example of ‘proof in the pudding.’ Daniel is focused on getting the job done and doing it better than all others."
Garritt Toohey, Vice-presidente

"Daniel e eu tenho vindo a trabalhar em conjunto para 23 anos. Ele é muito dedicado ao seu trabalho e gosta que tudo seja feito para a direita. He’s an honest person and a good boss because he is extremely considerate. Ele realmente é uma pessoa do povo."
Julie Pantoja, Assistente Executivo de Engenharia