¿Quiénes somos?: Tamara Flores

Director of Information Technology


  • Studied programming at the University of California, San Diego
  • Comenzó su carrera en Rosen Hoteles & Resorts en el Millennium Technology Group como Director de Operaciones
  • Promoted in 2012 a Asistente de dirección responsable de la gestión Rosen Hoteles & Resorts, así como la base de clientes fuera de Millennium Technology Group
  • Promoted in 2013 al Director de Tecnología de Rosen Hoteles & Resorts

Al Rosen Hotel & Resorts ®

  • Develop and implement strategic initiatives focused on expanding desktop services, application design and standardization, software integration, and project management within a mid-sized managed service provider environment focused on the hospitality, non-profit, and medical markets
  • Oversee the activities of system administrators, network engineers, programmers, and other technical staff in establishing priorities, enforcing standards, coordinating resources, and responding to user issues
  • Develop strategies in support of advanced application integration, server and hardware design, quality reporting initiatives, y la aplicación de productos para Rosen Hoteles & Resorts
  • Lead or facilitate multiple projects centered around the expansion or replacement of technology solutions within the areas of VMware, core networking protocols, and design and software implementation
  • Active participant in Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals

Tamara Flores

Tamara Flores

“My faith is at the very core of who I am. As an apostolic, I believe that God has a purpose for my life and that if I work hard enough, he will give me the opportunity to do great things—things that without Him I would never be capable of achieving.” Her personal dedication can be seen in many endeavors she tackles, especially in Tamara and her husband’s leading their church’s married life group and worship.

What Others Say:

“Tamara has been a tremendous addition to the team at the Millennium Technology Group. She has served in various roles that have prepared her to be most effective in her current role as Director of the team. I am sure I speak for many of Millennium’s clients when I say she is extremely detail oriented, always professional, and incredibly quick to deliver meaningful and concise ideas.”
Jim Bina, Contralor Corporativo de Rosen Hoteles & Resorts, President of Millennium Technology Group

“After working with Tamara for several years, I’ve come to know what a hard-working, goal-focused, and results-oriented person she is. Tamara has an innate ability to manage a wide-range of projects, solve issues as they arise, and maintain open lines of communication. She can be described as loyal, energetic, and dedicated. She has a strong work ethic and passion for her job.”
Susan Caronia, Director of Rosen Standards