Action Update, February 3, 2010

The Harris Rosen Foundation is halfway to its $1 million goal! Rest assured that 100 percent of every donation is used to purchase and deliver desperately needed supplies to Haiti’s earthquake victims. We value the great trust you have placed in us and we pledge to maximize every dollar for the greatest benefit to the poor and suffering in Haiti. Our team flew to Port-au-Prince on January 29th and is scheduled to return to Orlando on February 4th. After years of traveling to Haiti, this was by far the most difficult trip to plan. As you may imagine the circumstances change quickly in Haiti and we have learned to roll with the punches as we put our contingency plan in to place. We thank Renaissance Air, our transportation partner, for making travel arrangements and securing the required time slots; a task that has become more challenging due to the current state of airport operations in Haiti. We also thank our Orlando transportation partner, Central Moving & Storage, for donating ample warehouse space and truck transportation. Over 20,000 pounds of much needed supplies arrived safely in Port-au-Prince on Saturday evening. Ground transportation in Haiti has proven to be very difficult for many relief organizations delivering supplies. Double Harvest, a mission that has set up a hospital just east of Port-au-Prince, was able to secure a UN convoy to help our team transport the goods from the airport to our destination. There the team separated the items and divided them amongst the groups it was distributing to, including Double Harvest, Air Mobile Ministries, and a number of small temporary hospitals that have been set up near tent cities in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. We look forward to our team’s safe return on Thursday, when they will report on their assessment of additional needs, safety concerns and target organizations. This information will assist us in planning the second relief trip in the coming weeks. Phase Two of our efforts focuses on ways to address rebuilding and sustaining, including identifying ways to design and construct sturdier buildings during Haiti’s rebuilding phase. We will soon unveil plans to manufacture and deliver compact, eco-friendly, earthquake-and-hurricane-resistant houses, called “Little Haiti Houses.” The Foundation continues to develop the prototype for these houses. More information about our rebuilding efforts will be announced in coming weeks.