Rosen Hotels & Resorts and Travel Industry Leaders: When the Time is Right, We’ll be Ready.

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the life of every American, upending all normalcy—and from a business perspective, the travel industry has been one of the hardest hit. The latest travel data reflects the dire situation our industry continues to face, but it is our day-to-day realities that underscore the true impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on our company, our community, our colleagues and our livelihood.

Despite the immediate and drastic halt to travel since the pandemic began, consumer sentiment and behavior is indicating a growing readiness to travel once again, though it comes with a cautious optimism. This optimism, coupled with the initial demand we saw over the summer months, presents an opportunity to reclaim some of what we have lost.

Rosen Hotels & Resorts and others in our industry have demonstrated its resiliency having faced crises before that put travel at a standstill. This is why a group of travel leaders convened to form the Let’s Go There Coalition, which is focused on rebuilding the travel industry. Together they developed a plan to reignite a sense of wanderlust and inspire Americans to plan their next adventure. The goal is simple: when plans are made and eagerly anticipated, spirits are lifted and recovery will begin.

The Let’s Go There campaign will inspire Americans to do what is exciting, safe and productive: make plans to travel.

I am proud to say that Rosen Hotels & Resorts has joined the coalition’s nationwide movement helping to expand the campaign’s reach. Our participation is supporting a larger media strategy that combines our efforts with our colleagues’ efforts. We are working together, across sectors, to provide Americans with hope and to remind them of the joy of anticipation and the benefits that come from planning now for what adventure lies ahead. In addition, it is our hope that they shall find happiness and excitement and look forward to exploring somewhere new in our amazing country.

Of course, the travel industry promoting travel seems obvious. However, 51% of jobs supported by travel were lost by the end of May – putting 8.1 million Americans out of work. That represents 38% of all job losses – one in four jobs. Small businesses have had to shutter or even close. Encouraging Americans to travel once again, safely, will in turn put Americans back to work.

Together, we shall make a difference. We shall cheer someone up, and we shall put someone back to work. In essence, we shall be a driver of hope that helps lead us all toward brighter days.

Safe Travels and God Bless.

Harris Rosen
President and COO
Rosen Hotels & Resort
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