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Building America One Community At a Time®

The community is one of our highest priorities at Rosen Hotels & Resorts®. We have a great commitment toward dedicating substantial resources of time, 錢, and hands-on help to the ongoing improvement of our hometown and its people. 歷年, 羅森酒店卻遭遇了多項措施,以提高生活質量,我們的近鄰, 我們的城市, 與我們的行業.


企業捐贈 Rosen Hotels & Resorts® supports organizations that impact our associates and enhance the quality of life in the Central Florida area. 我們的財務和志願者資源都集中在教育領域, 健康, 動物福利, 和文化多樣性.

所有的慈善要求, 無論是財政或實物, 必須通過我們的網站完成在線提交 社區賦予了形式.

Harris Rosen Foundation

Harris Rosen Foundation Groups that benefit from the Harris Rosen Foundation are significant to Harris Rosen, president and owner of Rosen Hotels & Resorts®. Aside from his love for the hospitality business, 先生. Rosen has a passion for giving back. Through the years the foundation has focused on education, the community of Tangelo Park in Orlando, and the people of Haiti. Now that passion is growing and extending to newer communities and groups in need.


橘柚園試點計劃 The community of Tangelo Park is located approximately one-quarter mile southeast of Orlando’s International Drive tourist area. From the late 1980s through the early 1990s, Tangelo Park characterized a typical urban community with low socioeconomic demographic problems: overt drug problems, poor school attendance, declining test scores, and high school dropout rates.

The Tangelo Park Program began as a result of a grass roots program that attracted local media attention and attention from local government, civic groups, and Harris Rosen. 在 1993, after a successful effort to reclaim their neighborhood from urban blight and drug dealers, Tangelo Park community leaders met with Mr. Rosen and the Orange County School Board superintendent to discuss the possibility of a scholarship program for Tangelo residents; together they established the Tangelo Park Pilot Program.

先生. Rosen provided the financial backing for the pilot project and collaborated with community leaders to establish an advisory board with the continued support of the Tangelo Park Elementary School, the Tangelo Park YMCA, Tangelo Baptist Church, and the Tangelo Park Civic Association. With financial support guaranteed by Mr. 羅森, the Tangelo Park Program oversees the fundraising, educational needs, and scholarship distributions for its citizens–ages 2 至 22. At no cost to its citizens, TPP offers:

  • Pre-school opportunities for every Tangelo Park 2-3-4-Year-Old
  • Parenting classes and vocational or technical opportunities for parents with children in school
  • Full tuition, 房間, board, and living expenses for every Tangelo Park high school graduate who is accepted by a vocational school, community college, or public university in the state of Florida

Watch a video about the Tangelo Park Program


Second Multimillion-Dollar Community Education Initiative Launched in Parramore

Parramore, a neighborhood west of Downtown Orlando, is the next neighborhood Mr. Harris Rosen has his focus on to expand his philanthropic and highly successful community education initiative program that he started in Tangelo Park. This initiative offers free preschool at a new public school set to open in Parramore on August 2017. Teachers’ salaries will be paid for by the Harris Rosen Foundation. Twenty-four preschool classrooms designed to accommodate up to 12 children each, for a total of 288 孩子, will welcome two-, three-, and four-year-old children.

Children who attend the new elementary and middle school and then graduate from Jones High School, will receive a free two or four-year college or vocational school education, also paid for by the Harris Rosen Foundation. Free tuition includes meals, books, and transportation.

The University of Central Florida (UCF), who is a partner in this initiative, announced that scholarships will be provided to four-year degree students of the College of Medicine who attended the new Parramore School, graduated from Jones High School, and successfully completed an undergraduate program at UCF.


The Rosen Foundation Scholarship Endowment has been created to fund the Tangelo Park and Parramore Scholarship Programs, UCF餐旅學校獎學金計劃, and Rosen Hotels & Resorts®’ Dependent Scholarship Program.


隨著奧蘭多迅速成為最受歡迎的旅遊在世界上的位置, 哈里斯·羅森認為它只會是擬合城市有最好的招待計劃在全國. 他捐贈 $10 million to establish the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida, which was built right next to Rosen Shingle Creek® hotel. 這件禮物是有史以來規模最大的抵押或收取的UCF基金會. 根據目前的佛羅里達州的法律, 這種規模的禮物有資格獲得美元兌美元的狀態匹配, 它轉換成 $20 million for a facility and faculty providing students with a world-class education equal to the Orlando hospitality industry itself.

Harris Rosen has once more offered a tremendous gift to further secure a high-quality educational institution. For the first time ever, an endowed deanship has been established by Mr. Rosen to secure top talent in this prestigious role amongst faculty. 先生. Rosen hopes the endowed deanship will help university administrators find and secure the best academic leader available who will offer leadership, vision, and guidance to continue to keep Rosen College of Hospitality Management at UCF on the cutting edge of industry trends.

Bethune-Cookman College Bronze Statue Project

Harris Rosen served as the honorary co-chair of the Bethune-Cookman College Statue Project with the late Dr. Dorthy Height, President Emeriti of the National Council of Negro Women. The purpose of this initiative was to have a statue sculpted of America’s beloved Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune including fountains and landscaping on the campus of Bethune-Cookman College, which Dr. Bethune founded in 1904. The fundraiser was a huge success. 一月 2005, the statue was unveiled on the Bethune-Cookman College campus.


面對艱難的金融時代, the YMCA Aquatic Center located on International Drive closed eliminating an important resource for area residents. 在 1992 先生. Rosen fought to keep the YMCA Aquatic Center open to the public. 扭轉這一局面將被證明是一個先生. 羅森面臨的最大挑戰, 一個他遇到了成功.

The Aquatic Center reopened its doors and now serves the best youth group of divers in America, 花樣游泳, master swimmers, 高中游泳, 和老年人尋求治療水處理.


海地救災重建維持計劃 The Harris Rosen Foundation has been dedicated to helping Haitian brothers and sisters living in Haiti attain a level of self-sufficiency for over a decade. It assists in the areas of education and health with donations to hospitals, orphanages, and schools in Haiti. Over the years our Haiti Task Force visited Haiti several times to deliver medical and school supplies, which were collected in the Central Florida area through supply drives and donations from local businesses. In addition to analyzing the needs of Haitians and devising a plan of action to help, they are also responsible for ensuring all supplies delivered to Haiti go directly to the people who most need help.

The one area where Haiti needed the most help is one we often take for granted: a clean water supply. In Haiti much of the water is so contaminated that just one glass may cause serious illness or even death. On September 10, 2005, The Harris Rosen Foundation and the Task Force hosted the Water for Haiti Gala. 在這個盛會上籌集的資金被用於購買接近 250 water filtration systems that were delivered to hospitals and schools in rural areas of Haiti.

Weeks after the historic and devastating earthquake of 2010, the foundation delivered 20,000 磅的物資到太子港和比徹姆地區. Our people were on the ground in Haiti, 與固定翼飛機沿, to facilitate delivery of these urgently needed medical supplies to wherever they were needed.

海地救災重建維持計劃自 2010, 該基金會一直專注於重建和維持, including identifying ways to design and construct sturdier buildings. 該計劃是建設生態友好型, earthquake-and-hurricane-resistant houses called “Little Haiti Houses.” Mr. 羅森和他的團隊與海地政府合作的保障土地, 但當談判的諒解備忘錄的終止解散, 該項目被擱置. 急,繼續在海地工作, 哈里斯羅森基金會與國際非盈利性食品為合作的窮人蓋在海地新小學. 正在建設之中的位於喬恩L'的Abeille六課室的學校, 小城鎮在城市的卡耶. 它將通過六年級服務學生在幼兒園. 哈里斯羅森基金會和非營利之間的合作是基礎的國內承諾的延伸,為弱勢群體和貧困青年的受教育機會.


Coretta Scott King A.N.G.E.L. Award

Coretta Scott King A.N.G.E.L. Award Harris Rosen was one of the four people honored with the A.N.G.E.L. (Advancing Nonviolence through Generations of Exceptional Leadership) award on January 17, 2015. 先生. Rosen was acknowledged for his 20-plus years of commitment to Tangelo Park in which he launched a three-fold educational community service initiative that has had a direct impact on the increase of graduation rates amongst youngsters in the Tangelo community and helped lower the crime rate in the neighborhood.

When Rosen created the Tangelo Park Program, the community’s high school dropout rate was 43 percent higher than the national average. Not long after the program began, high school graduation rates soared to almost a zero dropout rate. To date, more than 280 young people have now attended college or vocational schools.

“I am so honored that the Tangelo Park Program has been recognized by The King Center and I am truly humbled to receive an award given in the spirit of Mrs. Coretta Scott King,“羅森說. “I will be happy to accept the honor on behalf of the Tangelo Park community and especially all of the youngsters who have worked so hard over the past 20 years to better themselves through the gift of education.”

Jack & Lee Rosen Southwest Orlando Campus and the Rosen JCC

Since the Harris Rosen Foundation purchased the property on which the Jewish Community Center owns and operates the Jack & Lee Rosen Southwest Orlando Campus, the campus has seen a boom in growth and improvement. Harris Rosen’s goal is to promote the JCC within the community and to help this campus grow to accommodate its increasing membership. “These and future additions will help make the Jack & Lee Rosen Southwest Orlando Campus a more integral and permanent part of the Jewish community,“羅森說. “Education and recreation are vital to the center’s role in the community.” He’s also pledged to help significantly reduce the debit of the Maitland Jewish Community Campus by spearheading a $1 million matching funds capital campaign. Learn more about the Jack & Lee Rosen Southwest Orlando Campus and Rosen JCC.

Cornell Alternative Spring Break

Cornell Alternative Spring Break 三月 2008, Cornell University expanded its Alternative Spring Break program to send its college students to Tangelo Park in Orlando, 佛羅里達州. Cornell students who volunteered for this hands-on learning opportunity in our city spent spring break with the children of Tangelo Park to enrich their college studies and, in turn, enrich the lives of the children they served. Every year since, Cornell students spend their spring break volunteering in Tangelo Park.

The inaugural spring break of 2008 attracted nine students to spend a majority of their time working with pre-school through fifth grade students at the Tangelo Park Elementary School. They also participated in a science night in conjunction with sixth graders from Southwest Middle School. Cornell students also mentored students of Southwest Middle School and Dr. Phillips High School. Within their busy week, 康奈爾大學學生製作的時間藝術項目與一些雙的, three-, and four-year-old children in the community.

Cornell University’s Alternative Spring Break program offers its students the chance to hear personal stories from the students and residents of Tangelo Park, educators, service personnel, and care providers who all provide insight into the Tangelo Park community. The week ends with a reflection session where Cornell students and a planning team examine the effects of public service and philanthropy on at-risk families and their experience with socioeconomic diversity, community involvement, and current social issues in the Tangelo Park community.


綠色會議及住宿倡議 在 2008, Rosen Hotels & Resorts® launched Rosen Green Meetings, 環境友好型會議倡議,旨在減少負擔通常與大型會議和公約相關的佛羅里達州的自然資源輔助會議策劃, 包括減少多餘的紙施捨和形式. 在羅森綠色會議網站 (www.rosengreenmeetings.com), 規劃者會發現綠色的舉行會議,並鏈接到更多的綠色會議的組織技巧. Planners will also learn in greater detail how Rosen Hotels & Resorts® helps the local environment while hosting great conferences, 會議, 休假.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recognizes Rosen Hotel & Resorts® for these efforts, 這是我們已經獲得了尊敬的綠色住宿計劃三加二棕櫚酒店名稱. 這些獎項證明酒店已主動增加節能減排和污染防治對策,並致力於節約和保護當地自然資源.

我們也很容易讓我們的客人在享受我們的酒店環保意識的住宿. 在羅森Plaza®客人, 羅森Centre®, and Rosen Shingle Creek® have access to electric vehicle charging stations, 感謝奧蘭多公用事業公司的合作夥伴關係. An organic herb garden at Rosen Shingle Creek® provides farm-to-table flavors, 和興河高爾夫俱樂部用過的烹飪油從我們的酒店餐廳轉換成我們的高爾夫球場維護設備中使用的生物燃料. 從我們的餐廳吃剩的食物是由場外設施轉化成飼料和肥料. 對於所有客人看到的努力, 正如許多,如果不是更多, 走在幕後的地方. 相反,開車上班的, 羅森同夥可以選擇乘坐公交車以折扣價, 搜索拼車的機會在全公司範圍內的留言板發布, 或, 在某些部門, 選擇工作的4個10個小時備用時間表,以幫助降低燃氣費.

Our eco-friendly efforts are a big part of the Rosen Hotels & Resorts® way of life, 這麼多,我們通過一個名為Nesor友好的綠色吉祥物, 生態英雄, 象徵著我們的環境,保護工作. (Nesor是羅森拼寫落後。) “Nesor參加社區和員工的事件,並提醒有關是綠色的重要性佛羅里達州中部地區,“迪迪Baggitt說, 工程總監. 一年一次, 誰推動了優秀綠色環保的努力,創造了新的方法來幫助環境聯營與環境管家獎認可. 作為綠色環保不僅是我們文化的一部分, 它是我們開展業務的巨大的一部分.