Quiénes somos: Health & Wellness

A Healthy Lifestyle for All

Rosen Medical Center - GimnasioHarris Rosen, nuestro director de operaciones y presidente, not only believes in a healthy lifestyle—he lives it. Every day he swims two miles at our local aquatic center and eats a strict yet healthy diet. Su cuidado meticuloso por su salud anima Rosen Hoteles & Resorts asociados a vivir una vida más saludable. As a company, we work together to reach this goal. We offer our associates numerous wellness programs, which include:

  • An onsite medical center for associates and their families to see primary care physicians and practitioners for annual exams, general health visits, podiatry services, basic laboratory work, nutrition program services, chiropractic services, y la terapia física
  • Wellness incentive programs that reward associates points for participation, which later are redeemed for gift cards, gym equipment, and other gifts
  • WW program with weekly wellness workshops paid for by Rosen Hotels & Resorts® for full time associates
  • Each month a special wellness activity is organized for a day or throughout the month, such as Heart Healthy Month in February, National Walking Day in April, and National Employee Health and Fitness Day in May
  • Una publicación electrónica semanal, Wellness Wednesday, que incluye una punta de fitness, a healthy recipe, and an exercise video
  • Comunidad camina y corre a beneficio de organizaciones benéficas
  • Free weekly fitness classes, such as Zumba®, Tai Chi, yoga, entrenamiento de circuito, y en bicicleta, for our associates as well as dependents who are covered by our health plan

For more information about our Wellness Programs, contacte con nosotros en Wellness@RosenHotels.com.

Healthy and Happy Go Hand in Hand

Rosen Hoteles & Resorts cree mejora de la salud ayuda a mejorar la productividad y el servicio de invitados. Our goal is to keep our associates healthy and out of the doctors’ offices so we can focus on providing a positive experience for our guests. Since building our onsite fitness facility, which is free for use to those associates who are on the health plan, our associates have become more active and proactive of their health care. También proporcionamos opciones de alimentos saludables y selecciones en puntos de venta de alimentos y bebidas, así como en las propiedades que tienen una cafetería. Incluso nuestras máquinas expendedoras están llenos de alternativas de alimentos saludables.

En las reuniones y funciones patrocinadas por la empresa, cuidadosamente hechos a mano menús cuentan con comidas nutritivas y sabrosas considerado con una alimentación sana y diversas restricciones en la dieta. Todos los menús en los eventos de la empresa deben ser aprobados por el Centro Médico Rosen.

We use many tools to promote our wellness programs, the most effective being our communication strategy. From translating flyers to Spanish and French Creole, to our wellness policy, the wellness message is communicated throughout the company in everything we do. Department managers are pivotal in promoting our wellness programs as they share information daily to associates.